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New Maui Listings for 02/24/2017
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MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
373086 Condo: Kauhale Makai   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$325,000 FS11Kihei
373088 Condo: Wailea Palms   Ocean View, Pool$895,000 FS22Wailea/Makena
373087 Condo: Koa Kai   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$310,000 FS21Kihei
373091 Condo: Kauhale Makai   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$297,000 FS01Kihei
373096 Condo: Masters   Pool$1,050,000 FS22Kaanapali
373098 Condo: Kai Malu   Ocean View, Pool$1,700,000 FS32.5Wailea/Makena
373085 Condo: Wailea Palms   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$1,599,000 FS22.5Wailea/Makena
373089 Condo: Lahaina Shores   Mountain View, BeachFront, Pool$349,000 FS01Lahaina
373083 Condo: Hoolea Terrace at Kehalani   Mountain/Ocean View$360,000 FS21.5Wailuku
373094 Residential: Happy Valley   Mountain View$440,000 FS31Wailuku
373084 Residential: Waiolani MaukaSingle Family w/Att OhanaMountain/Ocean View$1,200,000 FS44Wailuku
373097 Residential   Garden View$950,000 FS53Haiku
New Maui Listings for 02/23/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
373067 Condo: Kihei Shores   Pool$360,000 FS22Kihei
373065 Condo: Napili Shores   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$435,000 FS01Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
373068 Condo: Kauhale Makai   Mountain/Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$229,000 FS01Kihei
373081 Condo: Iliahi at Kehalani   $408,100 FS32Wailuku
373074 Condo: Kamaole Sands   Mountain/Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$520,000 FS22Kihei
373092 Condo: Maui Vista   Garden View, Pool$274,000 FS11Kihei
373082 Condo: Kapalua Ironwoods   Ocean View, Pool$2,690,000 FS23Kapalua
373066 Condo: Keonekai Villages   Garden View$380,000 FS22Kihei
373073 Condo: Waipuilani   Garden View, BeachFront, Pool$270,000 FS11Kihei
373079 Condo: Gardens Upcountry   Mountain/Ocean View$544,900 FS22Pukalani
373095 Residential: Maui Lani   Mountain View$610,000 FS32.5Kahului
373064 Residential   Ocean View, Pool$1,195,000 FS42.5Hana
373071 Residential: Moana Estates   Mountain/Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean$1,250,000 FS53Kihei
373069 Residential   Mountain View$549,000 FS32Kahului
373077 Land: Omaopio Ridge   Mountain/Ocean View$1,300,000 FS00Kula/Ulupalakua/Kanaio
373078 Land: Omaopio Ridge   Mountain/Ocean View$595,000 FS00Kula/Ulupalakua/Kanaio
373076 Land: Omaopio Ridge   Mountain/Ocean View$950,000 FS00Kula/Ulupalakua/Kanaio
373075 Land: Omaopio Ridge   Mountain/Ocean View$1,100,000 FS00Kula/Ulupalakua/Kanaio
New Maui Listings for 02/22/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
373062 Condo: Wailea Palms   Garden View, Pool$829,000 FS22Wailea/Makena
373056 Residential   $495,000 FS11Haiku
373054 Residential   Mountain View$485,000 FS32Lanai
373060 Residential   Mountain/Ocean View$725,000 FS42Kula/Ulupalakua/Kanaio
373061 Residential: Wahikuli Houselots   Mountain/Ocean View$750,000 FS32Lahaina
373055 Residential   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$5,200,000 FS44.5Haiku
373058 Residential: Ponoi Palms   Mountain View$460,000 FS31Makawao/Olinda/Haliimaile
New Maui Listings for 02/21/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
373045 Condo: Wailea Palms   Ocean View, Pool$1,595,000 FS22.5Wailea/Makena
373048 Condo: Honua Kai - Hoku Lani   Mountain/Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$1,089,000 FS11Kaanapali
373036 Condo: Maui Banyan   Mountain/Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$649,000 FS22Kihei
373041 Condo: Maui Sunset   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$699,000 FS22Kihei
373038 Condo: Menehune Shores   Mountain/Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$560,000 FS22Kihei
373063 Condo: Kapalua Bay Villas II   Garden View, OceanFront, Pool$799,000 FS11Kapalua
373040 Condo: Masters   Ocean View, Pool$1,395,000 FS33Kaanapali
373053 Residential: Kilohana Ridge   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$2,250,000 FS32.5Kihei
373051 Residential: Kula Manu   Mountain/Ocean View$948,000 FS43.5Kula/Ulupalakua/Kanaio
373039 Residential: Kula Manu   Mountain View$799,000 FS32.5Kula/Ulupalakua/Kanaio
373052 Residential: Maui MeadowsSF w/Det Ohana Mountain/Ocean View$975,000 FS32Maui Meadows
373046 Residential   Ocean View$725,000 FS32.5Wailuku
373049 Residential: Luana Gardens   $429,000 FS21.5Kahului
373035 Residential: SF w/Det Ohana Ocean View, Pool$2,150,000 FS43Haiku
New Maui Listings for 02/20/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
373047 Commercial   $369,000 FS00Kihei
373028 Condo: Kamani at Kehalani   $505,000 FS32.5Wailuku
373043 Condo: Maui Kamaole   Garden View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$585,000 FS22Kihei
373034 Condo: Honua Kai - Hoku Lani   Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$1,799,000 FS22Kaanapali
373037 Residential: Kamalii Alayna   $669,900 FS32Kihei
New Maui Listings for 02/19/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
373029 Condo: Kapalua Golf Villas   Ocean View, Pool$869,995 FS22Kapalua
373025 Residential   Mountain View$745,000 FS22Kihei
373031 Residential: Hale Kilohana   Ocean View$842,850 FS32Kihei
New Maui Listings for 02/18/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
373023 Condo: Iao Parkside IV-B   Mountain/Ocean View$298,500 FS32Wailuku
373024 Condo: Kapalua Bay Villas II   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$1,695,000 FS23Kapalua
373021 Condo: Royal Kahana   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$446,000 FS11Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
373022 Residential: Kula HighlandsSF w/Det Ohana Mountain View$829,000 FS32Kula/Ulupalakua/Kanaio
New Maui Listings for 02/17/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
373011 Condo: Hale Mahina   Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$534,000 LH22Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
372999 Condo: Kaanapali Royal   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$725,000 FS22Kaanapali
373010 Condo: Wailea Elua II   Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$1,795,000 FS22Wailea/Makena
373001 Condo: The Ritz Carlton Residences   Mountain/Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$1,650,000 FS22Kapalua
373007 Condo: Grand Champions   Garden View, Pool$623,500 FS12Wailea/Makena
373015 Condo: Kamani at Kehalani   $506,000 FS32.5Wailuku
373016 Condo: Kamani at Kehalani   $504,000 FS32.5Wailuku
372995 Condo: Hale Kai I   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$500,000 FS11Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
373018 Condo: Hokulani Golf Villas   Ocean View, Pool$1,295,000 FS32.5Kihei
373027 Condo: Napili Villas   $460,000 FS22Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
373002 Residential   $470,000 FS32Lanai
373008 Residential: Hale Kilohana   Mountain/Ocean View$799,000 FS32Kihei
373013 Residential: New Traditions at Maui Lani   $555,000 FS32Kahului
373005 Residential: WaimahaihaiSingle Family w/Att OhanaGarden View$815,000 FS42Kihei
New Maui Listings for 02/16/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
373014 Condo: Kalama Terrace   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$345,000 FS11Kihei
372979 Condo: Wailea Point I II III   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$2,350,000 FS23Wailea/Makena
373003 Condo: Kihei Shores   Pool$299,000 FS22Kihei
372984 Condo: Villas at Koele II   Golf Course View$1,175,000 FS33Lanai
372991 Condo: Kamani at Kehalani   $494,000 FS32Wailuku
372997 Condo: Kapalua Golf Villas   Ocean View, Pool$949,000 FS22Kapalua
372993 Condo: Milowai   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$298,000 LH22Maalaea
372992 Condo: Kamani at Kehalani   $508,000 FS32.5Wailuku
372990 Residential: SF w/Det Ohana $799,900 FS32Makawao/Olinda/Haliimaile
372987 Residential: SF w/Det Ohana Mountain/Ocean View$4,488,000 FS57Haiku
372998 Residential   Mountain/Ocean View$760,500 FS33Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
372988 Residential: Kamalii Alayna   Mountain View, Across Street from Ocean$669,000 FS32Kihei
373009 Residential   Mountain/Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$2,399,000 FS32Spreckelsville/Paia/Kuau
372982 Residential: Happy ValleySingle Family w/Att Ohana$575,000 FS21Wailuku
372989 Land: Olinda   Ocean View$1,875,000 FS00Makawao/Olinda/Haliimaile
New Maui Listings for 02/15/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
372965 Condo: Harbor Lights   Mountain/Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$124,000 FS21Kahului
372964 Condo: Kulakane   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$548,000 FS11Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
372977 Condo: Wailea Ekahi I   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$1,495,000 FS12Wailea/Makena
372978 Condo: Wailea Fairway Villas   Ocean View, Pool$685,000 FS22Wailea/Makena
372975 Condo: Vintage at Kaanapali   Ocean View, Pool$1,329,000 FS32.5Kaanapali
372967 Condo: Kamaole Sands   Mountain/Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$749,000 FS22Kihei
373093 Residential: SF w/Det Ohana $700,000 FS31Wailuku
373017 Residential   Ocean View, OceanFront$9,900,000 FS44.5Kapalua
372973 Residential   Mountain/Ocean View$587,000 FS43Wailuku
372966 Residential: Koa at Kehalani   Mountain/Ocean View$999,000 FS54Wailuku
372971 Residential: Wailuku Heights   Mountain/Ocean View$1,199,000 FS43.5Wailuku
372996 Residential: Waikapu Gardens   Mountain View$595,000 FS32Wailuku
New Maui Listings for 02/14/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
373019 Commercial   Mountain/Ocean View$643,000 FS00Lahaina
372957 Condo: Kauhale Makai   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$349,000 FS11Kihei
372961 Condo: Kaanapali Shores   Mountain/Ocean View, BeachFront$350,000 FS01Kaanapali
372963 Condo: Kapalua Bay Villas II   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$1,030,000 FS11.5Kapalua
372980 Condo: Honokowai East   Garden View, Pool$145,000 FS01Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
372958 Condo: Maui Sands I   Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$350,000 LH21Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
372954 Condo: Maui Banyan   Across Street from Ocean, Pool$434,000 FS12Kihei
372962 Condo: Kaanapali Shores   Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$425,000 FS01Kaanapali
372970 Condo: Kihei Bay Surf   Across Street from Ocean, Pool$215,000 FS01Kihei
372952 Residential   Mountain/Ocean View$2,900,000 FS21Hana
372960 Residential   $1,200,000 FS32Haiku
372955 Residential   $500,000 FS31Wailuku
372950 Residential   Mountain View, Pool$760,000 FS22Makawao/Olinda/Haliimaile
372983 Land: Waikapu   Mountain/Ocean View$4,750,000 FS00Wailuku
373006 Land: Papohaku Ranchlands   Ocean View, BeachFront$2,500,000 FS00Molokai
373004 Land: Maunaloa Village   Ocean View$49,000 FS00Molokai
372953 Land   Mountain/Ocean View$3,900,000 FS00Hana
372959 Land: Pineapple Hill at Kapalua II   Ocean View$1,250,000 FS00Kapalua
New Maui Listings for 02/13/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
372940 Condo: Sugar Beach Resort   Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$1,224,000 FS22Kihei
372947 Condo: Lahaina Shores   Mountain/Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$660,000 FS11Lahaina
372933 Condo: Opukea at Lahaina   Garden View, Pool$545,000 FS22Lahaina
372968 Condo: Lahaina Shores   Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$600,000 FS01Lahaina
372948 Condo: Kamani at Kehalani   $495,000 FS32Wailuku
372972 Condo: Pohailani Maui   Garden View, Pool$359,000 FS21Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
372934 Condo: Kauhale Makai   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$349,000 FS11Kihei
372941 Condo: Maui Kaanapali Villas   Mountain/Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$585,000 FS11Kaanapali
372949 Residential: SF w/Det Ohana Mountain/Ocean View$1,100,000 FS63Pukalani
372936 Residential   $699,000 FS11Haiku
372932 Residential: Kapalani Estates   Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean$1,648,000 FS33Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
372938 Residential: PaukukaloSF w/Det Ohana Mountain View$699,000 FS62.5Wailuku
372942 Residential: Huelo   Ocean View, OceanFront$2,000,000 FS11Haiku
372939 Residential: Ohia at Kehalani I   Mountain View$675,000 FS42.5Wailuku
372935 Residential: Upper Paia   Garden View$549,000 FS31Spreckelsville/Paia/Kuau
372945 Residential   Garden View$605,000 FS32Kihei
372946 Residential   Mountain/Ocean View$775,000 FS32.5Kula/Ulupalakua/Kanaio
372943 Land: Huelo   Ocean View, OceanFront$1,500,000 FS00Haiku
372944 Land: Huelo   Ocean View, OceanFront$2,500,000 FS00Haiku
New Maui Listings for 02/12/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
372930 Residential: SF w/Det Ohana Garden View$1,275,000 FS42Kihei
New Maui Listings for 02/11/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
372926 Residential: Mahanalua Nui (Launiupoko)   Ocean View, Pool$2,895,000 FS44Lahaina
372925 Residential: One Palauea Bay/Keauhou at Makena   Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$6,900,000 FS56.5Wailea/Makena