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New Maui Listings for 01/20/2017
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MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
372619 Condo: Kamaole Sands   Garden View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$410,000 FS12Kihei
372639 Condo: Maui Vista   Mountain/Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$464,900 FS22Kihei
372626 Condo: Kapalua Bay Villas II   Mountain/Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$1,045,000 FS11.5Kapalua
372623 Condo: Royal Kahana   Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$515,000 FS11Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
372635 Condo: Hale Kamaole   Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$449,990 FS11Kihei
372628 Residential   $569,500 FS42Lanai
372636 Residential: Akolea at Kehalani   Mountain/Ocean View$779,000 FS32Wailuku
372624 Residential: SF w/Det Ohana Mountain/Ocean View$1,600,000 FS44Haiku
372638 Residential: Wailea Pualani Estates   Ocean View, Pool$3,199,000 FS35Wailea/Makena
372634 Residential: Kapua Village   Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean$825,000 FS42Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
372625 Residential: Plantation EstatesSF w/Det Ohana Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$15,000,000 FS88.5Kapalua
372617 Residential   $750,000 FS31Lahaina
372637 Residential   $600,000 FS63Kahului
372621 Residential: Mahanalua Nui (Launiupoko)   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$3,850,000 FS44Lahaina
372618 Residential   Garden View$553,000 FS32Kihei
372622 Land   Mountain/Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean$7,888,000 FS00Wailea/Makena
372632 Land: Lanikeha   Ocean View$395,000 FS00Kaanapali
New Maui Listings for 01/19/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
372610 Condo: Maui Vista   Across Street from Ocean, Pool$380,000 FS11Kihei
372602 Condo: Napilihau Villages I   Mountain View$339,000 FS21Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
372612 Residential: Cottages at Kehalani   Mountain/Ocean View$639,000 FS32.5Wailuku
372607 Residential: SF w/Det Ohana Mountain/Ocean View$1,999,777 FS42.5Kula/Ulupalakua/Kanaio
372606 Residential: PaukukaloSF w/Det Ohana Ocean View, OceanFront$735,000 FS32Wailuku
372640 Residential: Kawela Plantations   Mountain/Ocean View$749,000 FS42Molokai
372601 Residential   Mountain View$549,000 FS31.5Kahului
372613 Residential: Kaanapali Golf Estates   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$1,749,000 FS45Kaanapali
372599 Residential   $449,000 FS22Haiku
372611 Residential: Keawakapu Views   Mountain View, Pool$1,049,000 FS33Kihei
372627 Land   Mountain/Ocean View$80,000 FS00Molokai
372605 Land   Mountain/Ocean View$1,343,850 FS00Kula/Ulupalakua/Kanaio
372603 Land   Mountain/Ocean View$1,390,350 FS00Kula/Ulupalakua/Kanaio
372630 Land   Mountain/Ocean View$50,000 FS00Molokai
New Maui Listings for 01/18/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
372596 Commercial   $595 FS00Wailea/Makena
372593 Condo: Kamaole Sands   Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$677,000 FS22Kihei
372631 Condo: Wailea Town Center   Ocean View, Pool$1,499,000 FS33Wailea/Makena
372597 Condo: Kihei Villages II   $310,000 FS21.5Kihei
372616 Condo: Pikake   Ocean View, BeachFront$780,000 FS21Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
372590 Condo: Hono Kai   BeachFront, Pool$310,000 FS11Maalaea
372615 Condo: Pikake   Ocean View, BeachFront$780,000 FS21Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
372600 Residential: OlindaSF w/Det Ohana Mountain/Ocean View$1,125,000 FS32.5Makawao/Olinda/Haliimaile
372614 Residential: SF w/Det Ohana $645,000 FS43Haiku
372594 Residential: Sandhills Estates   Mountain/Ocean View$795,000 FS33.5Wailuku
372595 Residential: Wailea Kai   Garden View$1,180,000 FS43.5Wailea/Makena
New Maui Listings for 01/17/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
372581 Condo: Maui Vista   Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$324,888 FS11Kihei
372585 Condo: Lahaina Roads   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$525,000 FS11Lahaina
372580 Condo: Maui Banyan   Garden View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$569,000 FS22Kihei
372591 Condo: Wailea Palms   Ocean View, Pool$995,000 FS22Wailea/Makena
372583 Condo: Maui Kaanapali Villas   Garden View, BeachFront, Pool$335,000 FS01Kaanapali
372588 Residential: Wailea Kialoa   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$2,238,800 FS32.5Wailea/Makena
372574 Residential   Ocean View$689,900 FS31.5Haiku
372589 Residential: PaunauSF w/Det Ohana $765,000 FS31.5Lahaina
372577 Residential: Wailuku Country Estates   Mountain/Ocean View$995,000 FS32Wailuku
New Maui Listings for 01/16/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
372571 Condo: Na Hale O Makena   Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$1,880,000 FS32.5Wailea/Makena
372573 Condo: Napili Point I   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$898,000 LH22Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
372565 Condo: Wailea Ekahi I   Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$1,595,000 FS12Wailea/Makena
372576 Condo: Keonekai Villages   Garden View$393,000 FS22Kihei
372569 Condo: Wailea Ekahi III   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$675,000 FS01Wailea/Makena
372564 Condo: Kihei Villages V   Garden View$275,000 FS21.5Kihei
372584 Condo: Kamaole Sands   Garden View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$479,000 FS12Kihei
372566 Condo: Walaka Maui   Mountain View$429,500 FS12Kihei
372570 Condo: Wailea Ekahi I   Mountain/Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$3,100,000 FS34Wailea/Makena
372572 Condo: Kahului Ikena   Mountain View$285,500 FS22Kahului
372568 Residential: Wailea Pualani Estates   Ocean View, Pool$1,850,000 FS43Wailea/Makena
372604 Residential: Pineapple Hill   Ocean View, Pool$2,747,000 FS45Kapalua
372587 Residential: SF w/Det Ohana Mountain View$1,290,000 FS33Haiku
372578 Residential: Maluhia Country RanchesSF w/Det Ohana Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$2,900,000 FS32.5Wailuku
372562 Residential: Keonekai HeightsSingle Family w/Att OhanaMountain/Ocean View$985,000 FS43Kihei
372560 Residential: Kauaula   $775,000 FS32Lahaina
372567 Residential   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$1,775,000 FS53.5Kula/Ulupalakua/Kanaio
372561 Residential: Makila Plantation IISF w/Det Ohana Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$3,995,000 FS34Lahaina
372575 Land: Plantation Estates   Mountain/Ocean View$999,777 FS00Kapalua
372582 Land: Ke Alii (Summit Estates)   Mountain/Ocean View$449,000 FS00Kaanapali
New Maui Listings for 01/15/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
372559 Condo: Masters   Pool$1,599,000 FS22Kaanapali
New Maui Listings for 01/13/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
372544 Condo: Kehalani Gardens   Mountain View$399,000 FS32.5Wailuku
372545 Condo: Iao Parkside I   Garden View$240,000 FS11Wailuku
372547 Condo: Valley Isle Resort   Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$748,900 FS22Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
372548 Condo: Kihei Shores   Garden View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$289,900 FS22Kihei
372552 Condo: Kihei Akahi   Garden View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$289,000 FS01Kihei
372554 Condo: Kihei Kai Nani   Garden View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$305,900 FS11Kihei
372558 Residential: Maunaleo at Kehalani   Mountain/Ocean View$699,000 FS43Wailuku
372551 Residential: Keonekai Estates II   Mountain/Ocean View$998,000 FS43Kihei
372546 Residential: Piilani Village   $612,900 FS32Kihei
372553 Land: Views at Kaanapali   Ocean View$799,000 FS00Kaanapali
372550 Land   $169,000 FS00Wailuku
372556 Land   Mountain/Ocean View$425,000 FS00Haiku
New Maui Listings for 01/12/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
372543 Condo: Kai Makani   Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$675,000 FS22Kihei
372531 Condo: Maui Sands I   Garden View, OceanFront, Pool$115,900 LH11Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
372563 Condo: Maui Kamaole   Across Street from Ocean, Pool$649,900 FS22Kihei
372536 Condo: Royal Kahana   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$529,000 FS11Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
372533 Condo: Iao Parkside I   $279,000 FS21Wailuku
372542 Condo: Whaler II   Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$709,000 FS01Kaanapali
372534 Residential: Kihei Village   Mountain/Ocean View$799,000 FS32.5Kihei
372541 Residential: Single Family w/Att Ohana$1,200,000 FS32.5Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
372557 Residential: Mahanalua Nui (Launiupoko)   Ocean View, Pool$3,299,000 FS44Lahaina
372538 Residential: Kaanapali Hillside   Ocean View, Pool$1,170,000 FS32.5Kaanapali
372555 Residential: Piilani Village   $595,000 FS32.5Kihei
372540 Land   Mountain/Ocean View$525,000 FS00Haiku
New Maui Listings for 01/11/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
372530 Condo: Kahana Outrigger   Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$797,500 LH33Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
372535 Condo: Wailea Fairway Villas   Ocean View, Pool$688,000 FS22Wailea/Makena
372514 Condo: Polo Beach Club   Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$2,175,000 FS22Wailea/Makena
372532 Condo: Maalaea Banyans   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$435,000 FS11Maalaea
372515 Condo: Kaanapali Shores   Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$1,075,000 FS22Kaanapali
372528 Condo: Maui Sands I   Garden View, BeachFront, Pool$179,000 LH21Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
372520 Residential: Waihee   Mountain View$869,000 FS53.5Wailuku
372513 Residential   Mountain/Ocean View$729,500 FS32.5Pukalani
372592 Residential: Makena Place   Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$12,000,000 FS44.5Wailea/Makena
372521 Residential: Mahanalua Nui (Launiupoko)   Mountain/Ocean View$1,995,000 FS43.5Lahaina
372529 Residential   $290,000 FS21Lanai
372519 Residential: The Bluffs at Maui Lani   Mountain View$1,300,000 FS44Kahului
372525 Land: Sandhills Estates   Mountain/Ocean View$344,500 FS00Wailuku
New Maui Listings for 01/10/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
372500 Condo: Maui Sunset   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$569,000 FS22Kihei
372512 Condo: Kihei Villages V   Garden View$285,700 FS21.5Kihei
372509 Condo: Napili Ridge   Garden View, Pool$125,000 LH11Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
372497 Condo: Luana Kai   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$475,000 FS11Kihei
372508 Condo: Kapalua Golf Villas   Pool$795,000 FS11.5Kapalua
372503 Condo: Royal Kahana   Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$485,000 FS11Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
372491 Condo: Masters   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$1,150,000 FS22Kaanapali
372492 Condo: Puuone Hale Alii   Mountain/Ocean View$199,000 FS11Wailuku
372498 Residential   Ocean View$2,100,000 FS22.5Haiku
372499 Residential   Ocean View$2,100,000 FS34Haiku
372522 Residential   Mountain/Ocean View$1,399,000 FS22Haiku
372527 Residential   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$2,400,000 FS43.5Haiku
372507 Residential: Maluhia Country Ranches   Mountain/Ocean View$575,000 FS22Kahakuloa
372505 Residential: Huelo   Mountain/Ocean View$1,199,000 FS32.5Haiku
372487 Residential   $399,500 FS31Lanai
372493 Residential: Wailea Golf Vistas   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$3,400,000 FS33.5Wailea/Makena
372510 Residential   Ocean View$390,000 FS33Molokai
372494 Residential: Hale Piilani   Mountain View$549,000 FS32Kihei
372486 Residential: Kahana Ridge   Ocean View$998,000 FS32Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
372489 Land: Huelo   $325,000 FS00Haiku
372506 Land: Wailuku Heights   Mountain/Ocean View$449,000 FS00Wailuku
372524 Land   Mountain/Ocean View, OceanFront$1,295,000 FS00Haiku
372501 Land: Mahanalua Nui (Launiupoko)   Ocean View$1,245,000 FS00Lahaina
New Maui Listings for 01/09/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
372468 Commercial   Ocean View, OceanFront$120,000 FS00Molokai
372467 Commercial   Ocean View$125,500 FS00Molokai
372485 Condo: Opukea at Lahaina   Garden View, Pool$579,000 FS32Lahaina
372483 Condo: Haleakala Shores   Across Street from Ocean, Pool$469,000 FS22Kihei
372481 Condo: Kauhale Makai   Mountain/Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$340,000 FS11Kihei
372469 Condo: Hololani   Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$729,000 FS22Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
372488 Condo: Royal Mauian   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$1,349,900 FS22Kihei
372504 Condo: Kai Malu   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$1,349,000 FS33Wailea/Makena
372480 Condo: Maui Vista   Across Street from Ocean, Pool$345,000 FS11Kihei
372495 Residential: Wailea Kai   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$1,675,000 FS33Wailea/Makena
372475 Residential: Waikapu Gardens   Mountain View, Pool$699,000 FS32.5Wailuku
372466 Residential: SF w/Det Ohana Across Street from Ocean$1,100,000 FS53Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
372464 Residential   Mountain View$390,000 LH43Wailuku
372482 Residential   Golf Course View$589,000 FS32Pukalani
372473 Residential: Legends at Maui Lani   Mountain View$593,000 FS42.5Kahului
372511 Residential: SF w/Det Ohana Mountain/Ocean View$2,195,000 FS31Kula/Ulupalakua/Kanaio
372484 Residential   Mountain View$879,000 FS52.5Kula/Ulupalakua/Kanaio
372479 Residential: Pineapple Hill at Kapalua II   Ocean View, Pool$3,995,000 FS44.5Kapalua
372490 Land: Lanikeha   Ocean View$460,000 FS00Kaanapali
372470 Land: Kawela Plantations   Mountain/Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean$137,000 FS00Molokai
372472 Land: Wailea Highlands   Ocean View$1,995,000 FS00Wailea/Makena
New Maui Listings for 01/08/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
372463 Residential: Maui MeadowsSF w/Det Ohana Mountain/Ocean View$1,200,000 FS63.5Maui Meadows
New Maui Listings for 01/07/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
372461 Condo: Maui Banyan   Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$518,000 FS12Kihei
372457 Condo: Na Hale O Makena   Mountain/Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$1,735,000 FS22.5Wailea/Makena
372459 Residential: SF w/Det Ohana Mountain/Ocean View$650,000 FS42.5Pukalani