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New Maui Listings for 04/24/2017
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MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
373851 Commercial   $599,000 FS00Wailuku
373845 Condo: Iao Gardens   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$335,000 FS22Wailuku
373855 Condo: Kahana Village   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$779,000 LH22Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
373843 Condo: Napili Ridge   Pool$99,000 LH01Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
373847 Condo: Na Hale O Makena   Mountain/Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$1,749,000 FS32.5Wailea/Makena
373849 Condo: Kihei Villages I   Garden View$323,000 FS21.5Kihei
373854 Condo: Villas at Kahana Ridge   Mountain/Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean$489,000 FS22Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
373850 Condo: Lahaina Roads   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$599,000 FS11Lahaina
373852 Condo: Opukea at Lahaina   Pool$520,000 FS22Lahaina
373848 Condo: Townhomes at Kamalani   Garden View$484,300 FS32.5Kihei
373857 Residential: Moana Estates   $1,250,000 FS54Kihei
373844 Residential: Kahana Ridge   Ocean View$1,149,000 FS53Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
373858 Land   Ocean View, BeachFront$8,950,000 FS00Lahaina
New Maui Listings for 04/23/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
373841 Condo: Kihei Alii Kai   Garden View, Pool$375,000 FS11Kihei
373840 Condo: Makalii at Wailea   Ocean View, Pool$1,598,000 FS33Wailea/Makena
New Maui Listings for 04/22/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
373839 Condo: Maui Gardens   Garden View, Pool$275,000 FS11Kihei
New Maui Listings for 04/21/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
373831 Condo: Kapalua Golf Villas   Ocean View, Pool$929,000 FS22Kapalua
373832 Condo: Kahana Reef   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$495,000 FS11Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
373830 Condo: Maui Vista   Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$340,000 FS11Kihei
373838 Residential   Mountain View$624,000 FS21Lahaina
373828 Residential   Mountain/Ocean View$519,000 FS32Pukalani
373826 Residential   Mountain/Ocean View, OceanFront$1,367,000 FS21Hana
373829 Residential: SF w/Det Ohana Garden View$620,000 FS43.5Kihei
373824 Residential   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$4,985,000 FS44.5Lahaina
373833 Land: Peahi   Mountain/Ocean View$359,000 FS00Haiku
373837 Land: Peahi   Mountain/Ocean View$795,000 FS00Haiku
373822 Land   Mountain/Ocean View$429,500 FS00Wailuku
373842 Land   Mountain View$475,000 FS00Wailuku
373834 Land: Peahi   Mountain/Ocean View$429,000 FS00Haiku
373835 Land: Peahi   Mountain/Ocean View$329,000 FS00Haiku
New Maui Listings for 04/20/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
373821 Condo: Kamani at Kehalani   $521,000 FS32.5Wailuku
373820 Condo: Lahaina Shores   Mountain/Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$950,000 FS12Lahaina
373818 Condo: Maalaea Kai   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$659,950 FS22Maalaea
373811 Condo: Nani Kai Hale   Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$424,000 FS12Kihei
373817 Residential   Mountain/Ocean View, OceanFront$5,000,000 FS44Kahakuloa
373816 Residential   Mountain View$609,900 FS53Haiku
373809 Residential: Wailuku Heights   Mountain/Ocean View$1,158,000 FS64Wailuku
373813 Residential   Mountain View$595,000 FS32Wailuku
New Maui Listings for 04/19/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
373807 Condo: Maui Kaanapali Villas   Garden View, BeachFront, Pool$425,000 FS01Kaanapali
373797 Condo: Keala O Wailea   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$949,900 FS22Wailea/Makena
373827 Condo: Kapalua Ironwoods   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$2,499,000 FS34Kapalua
373803 Condo: Koa Resort   Garden View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$339,000 FS11Kihei
373802 Condo: Papakea Resort I II   Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$485,000 FS11Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
373806 Condo: Pacific Shores   Pool$399,000 FS22Kihei
373794 Condo: Keala O Wailea   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$1,019,900 FS22Wailea/Makena
373808 Condo: Kihei Shores   Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$349,000 FS22Kihei
373798 Condo: Keala O Wailea   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$888,900 FS32Wailea/Makena
373795 Condo: Keala O Wailea   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$999,900 FS32Wailea/Makena
373800 Residential: SF w/Det Ohana $699,000 FS31Kahului
373819 Residential   $625,000 FS64.5Kahului
New Maui Listings for 04/18/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
373783 Condo: Mahana   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$785,000 FS11Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
373781 Condo: Puuone Towers and Plaza   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$219,000 FS21.5Wailuku
373791 Condo: Maui Eldorado I   Garden View, Pool$150,000 LH01Kaanapali
373792 Condo: Kamaole Nalu   Mountain/Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$500,000 LH22Kihei
373790 Condo: Kamaole Sands   Mountain/Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$465,000 FS12Kihei
373782 Condo: Maui Parkshore   Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$475,000 FS22Kihei
373836 Residential: SF w/Det Ohana Mountain View$659,000 FS31Kahului
373812 Residential: KuauSingle Family w/Att OhanaOcean View, BeachFront, Pool$7,900,000 FS45Spreckelsville/Paia/Kuau
373784 Residential   Mountain View$572,000 FS32Kahului
373804 Residential: Huelo   Mountain/Ocean View$749,000 FS33Haiku
373801 Residential   $670,000 FS32Kihei
373793 Residential: Meadowlands   Mountain View, Pool$747,900 FS32.5Kihei
373799 Land: Kaanapali Coffee Farms (Pioneer Farms)   Mountain/Ocean View$889,000 FS00Lahaina
New Maui Listings for 04/17/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
373778 Condo: Lauloa   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$620,000 FS22Maalaea
373779 Condo: Maalaea Banyans   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$580,000 FS22Maalaea
373777 Condo: Maalaea Banyans   Ocean View, OceanFront, Pool$460,000 FS11Maalaea
373758 Condo: Ke Alii Ocean Villas   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$984,000 FS22Kihei
373761 Condo: Kihei Villages I   Garden View$350,000 FS22Kihei
373785 Condo: The Breakers   Mountain/Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$285,000 FS01Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
373776 Condo: Kapalua Golf Villas   Golf Course View, Pool$999,900 FS22Kapalua
373774 Condo: Honua Kai - Hoku Lani   Ocean View, BeachFront, Pool$2,950,000 FS33Kaanapali
373772 Residential: KeAlohilani at Kehalani   $654,000 FS32Wailuku
373768 Residential: KeAlohilani at Kehalani   $664,000 FS43Wailuku
373770 Residential: KeAlohilani at Kehalani   $654,000 FS32Wailuku
373769 Residential: KeAlohilani at Kehalani   $633,000 FS32.5Wailuku
373755 Residential: Kahana Ridge   Ocean View$1,298,000 FS42.5Napili/Kahana/Honokowai
373763 Residential: KeAlohilani at Kehalani   $633,000 FS32.5Wailuku
373767 Residential: KeAlohilani at Kehalani   $656,000 FS43Wailuku
373766 Residential: KeAlohilani at Kehalani   $654,000 FS43Wailuku
373752 Residential: WaikapuSingle Family w/Att OhanaMountain/Ocean View$1,250,000 FS33Wailuku
373764 Residential: KeAlohilani at Kehalani   $641,000 FS43Wailuku
373773 Residential: Maui Lani (Grand Fairways)   Mountain/Ocean View, Pool$939,000 FS32.5Kahului
373771 Residential: KeAlohilani at Kehalani   $610,308 FS32Wailuku
373796 Residential   Mountain View$629,000 FS42Kahului
373765 Residential: KeAlohilani at Kehalani   $656,000 FS43.5Wailuku
373760 Residential   Golf Course View, Across Street from Ocean, Pool$3,988,800 FS33.5Wailea/Makena
373754 Land: Kaanapali Coffee Farms (Pioneer Farms)   Ocean View$950,000 FS00Kaanapali
373756 Land   Mountain/Ocean View, Across Street from Ocean$1,700,000 FS00Hana