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Oahu real estate lives here. You can search for Oahu Homes for sale using the simple search widget to the left or use our detailed Oahu MLS search. Here you can find Oahu properties for sale in any city, including Honolulu Homes and Honolulu Condos a well as Mililani Homes and Condos and Kapolei Homes and Condos too. Waikiki and Diamond Head are also popular areas. We can also help you find a Oahu real estate on the North shore in Kailua, Enchanted Lake, and Beachside. Homes for sale on Oahu in Lanikai and Coconut Grove are also available. Residential homes for sale in Oahu, as well as condos, land, and commercial properties can all be accessed here. You can also find Oahu Vacation Rentals.

New Oahu Listings for 03/23/2018
New listings may not yet have pictures.
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
201807376 Condo: Waikiki Landmark   Ocean View$855,000 FS22.5Metro
New Oahu Listings for 03/22/2018
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
201807786 Condo: Seaside Towers   $335,000 FS11Metro
201807858 Condo: Ko Olina Fairways   Golf Course$635,000 FS32.5Ewa Plain
201807810 Condo: Executive Centre   $197,000 LH11Metro
201807790 Condo: Ala Wai Plaza Skyrise   Ocean View$455,000 FS11Metro
201807778 Condo: Nob Hill 3   $495,000 FS32.5Central
201807862 Condo: Beachvillas@ko Olina   Ocean View$1,525,000 FS22Ewa Plain
201807787 Condo: Havens Of Ii Vistas   $460,000 FS22Central
201807877 Condo: Dowsett Point   $410,000 FS11Metro
201807884 Condo: Makaha Shores   Ocean View, Ocean$310,000 FS01Leeward
201807844 Condo: Haiku Point 2   $420,000 FS11Kaneohe
201807800 Condo: Waikiki Landmark   $515,000 FS00Metro
201807855 Condo: Discovery Bay   $269,000 LH11Metro
201807856 Condo: Discovery Bay   $265,000 LH11Metro
201807669 Condo: Honolulu Tower   Ocean View$479,000 FS22Metro
201805743 Condo: Ke Aina Kai 2   $510,000 FS22.5Ewa Plain
201807817 Condo: 1350 Ala Moana   Ocean View, Ocean$678,888 LH22Metro
201805701 Condo: Haiku Point 2   $255,000 LH22Kaneohe
201804413 Condo: Havens Of Ii Vistas   $340,000 FS11Central
201805500 Condo: Bamboo   Ocean View$328,000 FS01Metro
201807535 Condo: Ilikai Marina   Marina$355,000 FS01Metro
201803717 Condo: Rosalei Ltd   $273,000 FS11Metro
201807397 Condo: Tradewinds Hotel Inc   Ocean View$1,100,000 LH32Metro
201807795 Condo: Waikiki Landmark   $515,000 FS00Metro
201807666 Condo: Crosspointe   $340,000 LH21Pearl City
201807861 Condo: Royal Capitol Plaza   Ocean View$578,000 FS22Metro
201807826 Condo: Town Homes At Fairways Edge   $570,000 FS32.5Ewa Plain
201807120 Condo: Spinnaker   $560,000 FS32.5Ewa Plain
201807611 Condo: Marine Surf Waikiki   $350,000 FS01Metro
201807715 Condo: Executive Centre   $208,000 LH11Metro
201805483 Condo: Manoa Village 1   Stream/Canal$780,000 FS32.5Metro
201807791 Commercial   $515,000 FS00Metro
201807797 Commercial   $515,000 FS00Metro
201807871 Land: Liliha   $1,200,000 FS00Metro
201807834 Residential: Mililani Area   $620,000 FS42.5Central
201807879 Residential: Ewa Gen Parkside   $679,000 FS42.5Ewa Plain
201807897 Residential: Olomana   $1,150,000 FS43Kailua
201807782 Residential: Kalihi-upper   ,Stream/Canal$698,000 FS42.02Metro
201807828 Residential: Niu Valley   $1,250,000 FS32Diamond Head
201807812 Residential: Ewa Gen Sun Terra   $660,000 FS43Ewa Plain
201807662 Residential: Maili   Ocean View$445,000 FS53Leeward
201807701 Residential: Keolu Hills   $889,000 FS42Kailua
New Oahu Listings for 03/21/2018
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
201807498 Condo: Sunset Lakeview   $405,000 FS32Metro
201807880 Condo: Trump Tower Waikiki   Ocean View$2,300,000 FS12Metro
201803735 Condo: Canterbury Pl   Ocean View$918,000 FS22Metro
201807766 Condo: Ala Moana Hotel Condo   Ocean View$268,000 FS01Metro
201807805 Condo: Ala Moana Hotel Condo   $250,000 FS01Metro
201807772 Condo: Queen Emma Gardens   Ocean View$425,000 FS21Metro
201807784 Condo: Sunset Shores   Ocean View, Ocean,Sandy Beach$740,000 FS22North Shore
201807182 Condo: Dowsett Point   $729,000 FS33Metro
201807875 Condo: Trump Tower Waikiki   Ocean View$3,000,000 FS23Metro
201807814 Condo: Kokea Gardens   Stream/Canal$345,000 FS21Metro
201807793 Condo: Ala Moana Hotel Condo   $250,000 FS01Metro
201807703 Condo: Trump Tower Waikiki   Ocean View$739,000 FS01Metro
201807748 Condo: Hokuahi Apts   $349,000 FS21Central
201807221 Condo: Inn On The Park   $129,000 LH01Metro
201807639 Condo: Park At Pearlridge   $478,000 FS32Pearl City
201807808 Condo: 2018 Fern   $340,000 FS22Metro
201807329 Condo: Lele Pono   Ocean View$458,000 FS22Pearl City
201807801 Condo: Palehua Townhouses 2   $425,000 FS31.5Makakilo
201807804 Condo: Koolani   Ocean View$930,000 FS22Metro
201807656 Condo: Summer Palace   Ocean View$495,000 FS11Metro
201807745 Condo: Nanala At Mehana   $565,000 FS32.5Ewa Plain
201807702 Condo: Mott-smith Laniloa   $299,000 FS01Metro
201807706 Residential: Mililani Mauka   $995,000 FS33Central
201807872 Residential: Maili   $399,000 FS32Leeward
201806885 Residential: Sunset Area   Ocean View, Ocean,Sandy Beach,Waterfront$3,795,000 FS42North Shore
201807566 Residential: Kalama Valley   Pool: In Ground,Plaster$1,183,000 FS43Hawaii Kai
201807580 Residential: Kaopa   $905,000 FS32Kailua
201807755 Residential: Village Park   $698,000 FS32Waipahu
201807815 Residential: Aiea Heights   Ocean View$1,040,000 FS74Pearl City
201807741 Residential: Hoakalei-kuapapa   $868,800 FS43Ewa Plain
201807717 Residential: Triangle   $1,499,000 FS33Hawaii Kai
201807597 Residential: Ewa Gen Latitudes   $780,000 FS43Ewa Plain
201807590 Residential: St. Louis   Ocean View$1,690,000 FS65Diamond Head
201807806 Residential: Ewa Beach   $620,000 FS32Ewa Plain
201807758 Residential: Makakilo-wai Kaloi   $775,000 FS32.5Makakilo
New Oahu Listings for 03/20/2018
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
201807663 Condo: Makaha Valley Pltn   $178,500 FS21Leeward
201807561 Condo: Kaahumanu Plaza   $310,000 FS11Metro
201807725 Condo: Wailuna   Ocean View$629,000 FS32Pearl City
201807728 Condo: Palms At Waikiki   $310,000 FS01Metro
201807708 Condo: Chateau Waikiki   Ocean View$498,000 FS11Metro
201807383 Condo: Waihonua   Ocean View$1,525,000 FS32Metro
201807529 Condo: Pearl 2   Ocean View$419,000 FS21Pearl City
201807616 Condo: Colony Surf Ltd   Ocean View, Ocean,Sandy Beach$925,000 FS01Diamond Head
201807429 Condo: Mai Hale   $425,000 FS21Metro
201807549 Condo: Island Colony   Ocean View, Stream/Canal$228,000 LH01Metro
201807735 Condo: Puu Alii 2-2   $495,000 FS11Kaneohe
201807734 Condo: Waikiki Imperial Apts   Ocean View$388,000 FS11Metro
201807720 Condo: Yacht Harbor Towers   Ocean View, Marina,Ocean,Sandy Beach$1,185,000 FS22Metro
201807367 Condo: 215 North King St   Ocean View$514,000 FS21Metro
201807643 Condo: Ala Moana Hotel Condo   Ocean View$275,000 FS01Metro
201807743 Condo: Makaha Surfside   Ocean View, Ocean$119,900 FS01Leeward
201807700 Condo: Marina Gardens   $292,000 FS11Metro
201807713 Condo: Nauru Tower   Ocean View$1,090,000 FS22Metro
201807718 Condo: Island Colony   Ocean View$422,000 FS11Metro
201807671 Condo: Pearl 2   Ocean View$408,000 FS21Pearl City
201807652 Condo: One Waterfront Tower   Ocean View, Ocean,,Waterfront$830,000 FS22Metro
201807362 Condo: Makaha Valley Towers   Golf Course,Preservation$205,000 FS11Leeward
201807756 Condo: Puu Heleakala   $160,000 FS41.5Leeward
201800266 Residential: Wahiawa Heights   Ocean View$650,000 FS21Central
201800609 Residential: Ocean Pointe   $540,000 FS32.5Ewa Plain
201807238 Residential: Koolaupoko   $1,699,000 FS33Kailua
201807704 Residential: Diamond Head   Pool: In Ground$2,895,000 FS32.5Diamond Head
201807371 Residential: Ewa Gen Woodbridge   $889,000 FS43Ewa Plain
201807427 Residential: Kalama/cnut Grov   $925,000 FS32Kailua
201807401 Residential: Mililani Area   $805,000 FS32Central
201807697 Residential: Renaissance   $815,000 FS42.5Waipahu
201807055 Residential: Makakilo-anuhea   Ocean View, Conservation$890,000 FS42.5Makakilo
201807695 Residential: Ewa Beachwith Ohana$1,500,000 FS85Ewa Plain
201807686 Residential: Lanikai   Pool: In Ground$3,695,000 FS44.5Kailua
201807537 Residential: Kalama/cnut Grov   Pool: In Ground,Vinyl$1,598,000 FS53Kailua
201807678 Residential: Waiau   Ocean View$975,000 FS43Pearl City
201807707 Residential: Ahuimanu Area   Lake/Pond,Pool: In Ground,Spa/HotTub,Tile$1,595,000 FS33Kaneohe
201807545 Residential: Hauulawith OhanaConservationPool: Above Ground$2,680,000 FS88Kaneohe
201807445 Residential: Kapolei-mehana-olino   $729,000 FS43Ewa Plain
201807712 Residential: Pearl City-upper   $699,000 FS42Pearl City
201807631 Residential: Kapolei-malanai   $798,000 FS42.5Ewa Plain
201807617 Residential: Ewa Gen Alii Cove   $545,000 FS32Ewa Plain
201807626 Residential: Kahala Area   Pool: In Ground,Spa/HotTub,Tile$8,200,000 FS66.02Diamond Head