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Oahu real estate lives here. You can search for Oahu Homes for sale using the simple search widget to the left or use our detailed Oahu MLS search. Here you can find Oahu properties for sale in any city, including Honolulu Homes and Honolulu Condos a well as Mililani Homes and Condos and Kapolei Homes and Condos too. Waikiki and Diamond Head are also popular areas. We can also help you find a Oahu real estate on the North shore in Kailua, Enchanted Lake, and Beachside. Homes for sale on Oahu in Lanikai and Coconut Grove are also available. Residential homes for sale in Oahu, as well as condos, land, and commercial properties can all be accessed here. You can also find Oahu Vacation Rentals.

New Oahu Listings for 06/20/2024
New listings may not yet have pictures.
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
202411866 Condo: Awakea   $655,000 FS22.5Ewa Plain
202414607 Condo: Keauhou Place   Ocean View$999,999 FS22Metro
202414148 Condo: Century Park Plaza   Ocean View$525,000 FS22Pearl City
202414520 Condo: Coconut Plantation   $2,250,000 FS44Ewa Plain
202414370 Condo: The Ritz-carlton Residences - 38   Ocean View$650,000 FS01Metro
202414573 Commercial   Interior Hallway$150,000 LH00Metro
202414575 Commercial   Interior Hallway$150,000 LH00Metro
202414482 Residential: Waikele   $895,000 FS22Waipahu
202414605 Residential: Enchanted Lake   $1,700,000 FS32Kailua
202414521 Residential: Hauula   $1,195,000 FS32Kaneohe
202414601 Residential: Waikalua   Ocean View$1,198,000 FS43Kaneohe
202414106 Residential: Waialae Nui-lwr   $1,100,000 FS41Diamond Head
202414176 Residential: Waialae Nui Vly   Ocean View$1,550,000 FS43Diamond Head
New Oahu Listings for 06/19/2024
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
202414472 Condo: Royal Kuhio   $381,500 FS11Metro
202414511 Condo: Palm Villas   $499,000 FS21.5Ewa Plain
202414525 Condo: Ilikai Apt Bldg   Ocean View$848,800 FS11Metro
202414422 Condo: Northpointe Terrace 1   $637,000 FS32Central
202414483 Condo: Three Regents   $549,000 FS32Metro
202414037 Condo: Varsity Villa   $15,000 LH01Metro
202412119 Condo: Modea   $496,800 FS01Metro
202414565 Condo: Mt Terrace   Ocean View$990,000 FS22Hawaii Kai
202414395 Condo: Sun Rise   $498,000 FS22Ewa Plain
202414175 Condo: Pearlridge Square   $295,000 FS01Pearl City
202414489 Condo: Makaha Valley Towers   Ocean View$219,000 FS11Leeward
202414553 Condo: One Kalakaua Senior Living   $625,000 FS22Metro
202414490 Condo: Holiday Village   $245,000 FS01Metro
202414359 Condo: Kuola 1 - Rainbow Series   $480,000 FS21Waipahu
202414428 Condo: Wilder At Piikoi   $429,500 FS21Metro
202414466 Condo: 250 Ohua   Ocean View$595,000 FS22Metro
202414394 Condo: Craigside   Ocean View$525,000 LH22Metro
202414560 Condo: One Kalakaua Senior Living   $300,000 FS21Metro
202414551 Condo: 988 Halekauwila   Ocean View$1,275,000 FS32Metro
202414572 Commercial   Interior Hallway,Main $150,000 LH00Metro
202414473 Residential: Lilipuna   Ocean View$1,150,000 FS32.5Kaneohe
202413703 Residential: Alewa Heights   Ocean View$1,198,000 FS42Metro
202414580 Residential: Ocean Pointe   $920,000 FS32.5Ewa Plain
202414574 Residential: Kalama Tract   $1,899,900 FS32Kailua
202414566 Residential: Punchbowl Area   $1,089,000 FS32.5Metro
202406982 Residential: Waianae   $728,000 FS32Leeward
202412648 Residential: Enchanted Lake   $1,528,888 FS53Kailua
202412078 Residential: Punchbowl Area   $1,195,000 FS42.5Metro
202414513 Residential: Hauula   Ocean View, Ocean,Waterfront$1,495,000 FS22Kaneohe
202414550 Residential: Ewa Gen Woodbridge   $1,295,000 FS43Ewa Plain
202406228 Residential: Whitmore Village   $850,000 FS32Central
202412467 Residential: Keolu Hills   $989,000 FS42.5Kailua
202414544 Residential: Ewa Gen Cortebella   Pool: Community Association Pool$755,000 FS32.5Ewa Plain
202414297 Residential: Kaimuki   $1,075,000 FS41Diamond Head
202414248 Residential: Pearl City-upper   Ocean View$1,250,000 FS63.02Pearl City
202414235 Residential: Ewa Gen Latitudes   $1,200,000 FS43Ewa Plain
New Oahu Listings for 06/18/2024
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
202414469 Condo: Kohina At Hoopili   $789,000 FS32.5Ewa Plain
202414512 Condo: Villa On Eaton Square   Ocean View$465,000 FS11Metro
202413920 Condo: Hale O Pumehana   Ocean View$399,000 FS22Metro
202414532 Condo: Hale Ka Lae   Preservation$720,000 FS22Hawaii Kai
202412639 Condo: Monte Vista   $450,000 FS21Metro
202414451 Condo: Canterbury Pl   Ocean View$435,000 LH22Metro
202414497 Condo: Waikalani Woodlands   $495,000 FS32Central
202414226 Condo: Kokea Gardens   $450,000 FS21Metro
202414310 Condo: Yacht Harbor Towers   Ocean View$1,695,000 FS33Metro
202414501 Condo: 2987 Kalakaua   Ocean View, Ocean,$1,375,000 FS11Diamond Head
202414219 Condo: Harbor Square   Ocean View$445,000 FS11Metro
202414443 Condo: Hale Luana   $399,000 FS11Metro
202414543 Condo: Aalii   $42,000 FS00Metro
202414502 Condo: Palms Inc   $569,000 FS22Metro
202414087 Condo: One Ala Moana   Ocean View$1,675,000 FS22Metro
202414396 Condo: Bluestone   Golf Course$1,700,000 FS33Kailua
202412089 Condo: Dynasty Tower   $350,000 FS21.5Metro
202414411 Condo: Nahele At Hoopili   $499,000 FS11Ewa Plain
202413780 Condo: Park Tower   Ocean View$550,000 FS21Metro
202414494 Condo: Waikalani Woodlands   $495,000 FS32Central
202414438 Condo: Honuakaha   $398,000 FS01Metro
202414267 Condo: Ala Wai Terrace   $525,000 FS21Metro
202414007 Condo: One Waterfront Tower   Ocean View$668,000 FS11Metro
202413929 Condo: Kealakai@kapolei Iv   $418,000 FS11Ewa Plain
202414485 Condo: Kahiku At Mehana   $699,000 FS22.5Ewa Plain
202414480 Land: Punaluu   Ocean View, Ocean$550,000 FS00Kaneohe
202413951 Land: Waihee   $750,000 FS00Kaneohe
202414471 Residential: Pauoa Valley   $950,000 FS42.5Metro
202414508 Residential: Mililani Area   Pool: Community Association Pool$985,000 FS41.5Central
202414477 Residential: Sunset/velzy   $1,494,000 FS31.5North Shore
202413758 Residential: Palolo   $1,095,000 FS21.5Diamond Head
202414006 Residential: Ewa Gen Summerhill   $865,000 FS32Ewa Plain
202409395 Residential: Ewa Gen Parkside   Pool: Community Association Pool$899,000 FS32.5Ewa Plain
202414181 Residential: Waialae Nui Rdge   Ocean ViewPool: Community Association Pool$1,825,000 FS42Diamond Head
202414340 Residential: Sunset Area   Ocean View, Ocean,Sandy Beach,Waterfront$4,750,000 FS42North Shore
202404720 Residential: Ewa Gen Laulani-tides   Pool: Community Association Pool$840,000 FS42.5Ewa Plain
202414293 Residential: Mililani Area   Pool: Pool on Property$1,475,000 FS42.5Central
202414527 Residential: St. Louis   Ocean View$998,000 FS52Diamond Head
202414366 Residential: Mililani Area   Pool: Community Association Pool$1,270,000 FS42Central
202414514 Residential: Kalihi-lower   $935,000 FS33Metro
202414549 Residential: Maili   $630,000 FS31Leeward
202412063 Residential: Makiki Heightswith Ohana Ocean ViewPool: In Ground,Pool on Property$3,100,000 FS53Metro
202414539 Residential: Waipahu Estates   $1,588,000 FS95Waipahu
202413952 Residential: Mariners Cove   Pool: Community Association Pool$1,795,000 FS43Hawaii Kai
202414418 Residential: Waianae   $615,000 FS31.5Leeward
New Oahu Listings for 06/17/2024
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
202414536 Condo: One Ala Moana   Ocean View$1,300,000 FS22Metro
202414470 Condo: Kulanui Hale   $375,000 FS11Metro
202410709 Condo: Haiku Villa   $799,000 FS32.5Kaneohe
202414008 Condo: Windward Passage   Ocean View$945,000 FS32Kailua
202414462 Condo: Colony Marina   Marina,Waterfront$1,550,000 FS43Hawaii Kai
202412446 Condo: Pacific Grand   $279,000 FS01Metro
202412485 Condo: Waikalani Woodlands   $499,000 FS32Central
202414571 Condo: Ilikai Apt Bldg   Ocean View, Marina,Ocean$800,000 FS11Metro
202414253 Condo: Waikiki Banyan   Ocean View$768,000 FS11Metro
202414216 Condo: Nauru Tower   Ocean View$1,300,000 FS22Metro
202414355 Condo: Executive Centre   $295,000 FS21Metro
202414016 Condo: Ridge At Launani Valley   $545,000 FS32Central
202413798 Condo: Honuakaha   $379,000 FS01Metro
202414463 Condo: Lele Pono   Ocean View$480,000 FS21Pearl City
202414379 Condo: Consulate   $420,000 FS21Metro
202414041 Condo: Kinau Lanais   $420,000 FS11Metro
202414369 Condo: Kahana Kai   $565,000 FS22Metro
202414346 Condo: Plaza Hawaii Kai   Ocean View$565,000 FS22Hawaii Kai
202414460 Condo: Trump Tower Waikiki   Ocean View$2,300,000 FS21.5Metro
202412632 Condo: Ae'o   Ocean View$860,000 FS11Metro
202414399 Condo: Yacht Harbor Towers   Ocean View$728,000 FS11Metro
202414364 Condo: Pohakala At Mehana   $740,000 FS32.5Ewa Plain
202414315 Condo: Kawaihae Crescent East   Ocean View$880,000 FS32.5Hawaii Kai
202412274 Condo: Waikiki Grand Hotel   $395,000 FS01Metro
202414189 Condo: Parkview Village Condo   $500,000 FS21.5Waipahu
202410543 Condo: Aalii   Ocean View$738,000 FS11Metro
202414434 Condo: Nuuanu Towers   $475,000 FS21Metro
202411635 Condo: Sunset Lakeview   $415,000 FS32Metro
202414453 Condo: Ala Wai Manor   Ocean View$475,000 FS21Metro
202414465 Condo: Hokuloa C   $799,000 FS32.5Kaneohe
202414393 Condo: Marco Polo Apts   ,Stream/Canal$500,000 FS11Metro
202411590 Condo: Avalon 7   $610,000 FS32Ewa Plain
202414304 Condo: Poha Kea Point 4-2   Ocean View$899,999 FS32Kaneohe
202413850 Condo: Dowsett Point   $475,000 FS11Metro
202414449 Condo: Villa On Eaton Square   Ocean View, Stream/Canal$398,900 FS01Metro
202414407 Condo: Aloha Lani   Stream/Canal$355,000 FS11Metro
202414402 Commercial   Building Lobby,Main $8,000,000 FS00Metro
202414437 Land: Maunawili   Ocean View$895,000 FS00Kailua
202414423 Land: Waialua   Ocean View$3,995,000 FS00North Shore
202414223 Residential: Multi-Family: Wilikina   $1,100,000 FS00Central
202414406 Residential: Multi-Family: Ala Moana   $2,200,000 FS00Metro
202414416 Residential: Multi-Family: Waialua   Ocean View$3,995,000 FS00North Shore
202414088 Residential: Hawaii Loa Ridge   Ocean ViewPool: In Ground,Tile,Pool on Property$6,350,000 FS44.5Diamond Head
202414392 Residential: Kahala Area   Pool: In Ground$3,199,800 FS55Diamond Head
202414313 Residential: Ala Moanawith Ohana$2,200,000 FS106Metro
202411965 Residential: Hahaione-upper   Ocean ViewPool: In Ground,Tile$1,760,000 FS42.5Hawaii Kai
202414225 Residential: Wilikina   $1,100,000 FS44Central
202414137 Residential: Hoopili-iliahi   $1,080,000 FS42.5Ewa Plain
202414450 Residential: Kahuku   $1,130,000 FS43North Shore
202414381 Residential: Royal Kunia   Ocean View$1,299,999 FS42.5Waipahu
202414332 Residential: Hauula   $850,000 FS31Kaneohe
202413810 Residential: Hoopili-mamaka   Pool: Community Association Pool$919,000 FS42.5Ewa Plain
202414338 Residential: Waikele   Pool: Community Association Pool$878,000 FS32Waipahu
202414022 Residential: Waialua   Ocean View$3,995,000 FS33North Shore
202410478 Residential: Ewa Gen Alii Court   Pool: Community Association Pool$749,999 FS33Ewa Plain
202414058 Residential: Waikele-renaissance   $939,000 FS32Waipahu
202411562 Residential: Manoa Area   Ocean View$1,358,000 FS52Metro
202414388 Residential: Ewa Beach   $989,000 FS43.5Ewa Plain
202414232 Residential: Kalihi-lower   $935,000 FS62.5Metro
202414425 Residential: Coconut Grove   $1,549,000 FS52.5Kailua
202411428 Residential: Temple Valley   $1,010,000 FS32Kaneohe