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Clint Hansen R(B) w/ Byron Yap & John Starmer of Maui Nui Marine Resource Council


Clint Hansen R(B) w/ Byron Yap & Nicholas Winfrey of Maui United Way


Clint Hansen R(B) w/ Byron Yap & West Maui Greenway & Alternative Transportation on Maui


Clint Hansen R(B) w/ Byron Yap & Economist Paul Brewbaker Interview December '22


Clint Hansen R(B) w/ Byron Yap & Paul Tonnessen Interview November '22


Clint Hansen R(B) w/ Byron Yap & Mayor Michael Victorina Interview October '22


Clint Hansen R(B) w/ Paul Brewbaker


Clint Hansen R(B) w/ Byron Yap and Mayoral Candidate Richard Bissen


Recorded 09/14/21 Clint Hansen R(B) of Maui Luxury Real Estate LLC with Byron Yap of Axia Home Loans, REALTORS Association of Maui's Director of Government Affairs, Jason Economou and the Director of the Maui Vacation Rental Association, Jen Russo.


Recorded 09/01/21 Kim Ball Hi-Tech


Recorded 07/17/21 Clint Hansen R(B) of Maui Luxury Real Estate LLC with Reta Chin of Fidelity and Economist Paul Brewbaker.


Recorded 07/16/21_Clint Hansen, Byron Yap and Councilman Mike Molina


Recorded 06/28/21 Clint Hansen R(B) with Troy Hashimoto District 8


Recorded on 06/24/21 Clint Hansen R(B) with Rep. Wildberge


Maui Luxury Real Estate and Credit


1031 Exchange


Clint Hansen's interview 02/19/21


Maui Vacation Rental Association & Ram Discuss the Minatoya Act and Vacation Rental Restrictions



August 19th Maui Economic Discussion with Paul Brewbaker, Clint Hansen and Rita Chin of Fidelity

List of Shows to Date:

Show 1: Mortgage vs. Rent
Show 2: Buying on Maui. Deciding where to purchase.
Show 3: Leasehold, affordable ownership and Na Hale O Maui
Show 4: Inspections with Beau Petrone
Show 5: 1031 Exchange
Show 6: Hospital
Show 7: Insurance with State Farm agent Kit Okazaki
Show 8: Understanding the escrow process with Pam Teal of Fidelity National Title
Show 9: Everything you need to know about solar on Maui as of 06/17/2019
Show 10: The Hansen's a family tradition in Real Estate
Show 11: Paul Brewbaker discussion on Maui
Show 12: Keli with Creative Financial
Show 13: Pets and Pests
Show 14: Clint Hansen with Kim Komando
Show 15: Clint Hansen with Bob Hansen and Donna Hansen
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