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Oahu real estate lives here. You can search for Oahu Homes for sale using the simple search widget to the left or use our detailed Oahu MLS search. Here you can find Oahu properties for sale in any city, including Honolulu Homes and Honolulu Condos a well as Mililani Homes and Condos and Kapolei Homes and Condos too. Waikiki and Diamond Head are also popular areas. We can also help you find a Oahu real estate on the North shore in Kailua, Enchanted Lake, and Beachside. Homes for sale on Oahu in Lanikai and Coconut Grove are also available. Residential homes for sale in Oahu, as well as condos, land, and commercial properties can all be accessed here. You can also find Oahu Vacation Rentals.

New Oahu Listings for 03/01/2024
New listings may not yet have pictures.
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
202403938 Condo: Palm Villas 2-ff   $515,000 FS21.5Ewa Plain
202404555 Condo: Makaha Valley Pltn   $299,000 FS21Leeward
202404468 Condo: Kaioo Terrace   $68,000 LH11Metro
202404214 Condo: Waikiki Park Hgts   Ocean View$430,000 FS11Metro
202401413 Condo: Capitol Place   Ocean View$618,000 FS11Metro
202404215 Condo: Waiea - 1118 Ala Moana   Ocean View$4,880,000 FS32.5Metro
202403235 Condo: Waimalu Park   $415,000 FS21.5Pearl City
202404022 Condo: Punahou Manor   $499,950 FS21Metro
202404519 Condo: Noholoa Hale   $700,000 FS32.5Central
202403307 Condo: Hokuloa C   $765,000 FS32.5Kaneohe
202404536 Condo: Foster Tower   Ocean View$1,795,000 FS11Metro
202402975 Condo: One Waterfront Tower   Ocean View$969,000 FS22Metro
202404546 Condo: Parkglen At Waikele   $540,000 FS22Waipahu
202404527 Condo: Queen Emma Gardens   $360,000 FS11Metro
202404477 Condo: Trump Tower Waikiki   Ocean View$930,000 FS11Metro
202404462 Condo: Sky Ala Moana West   $795,000 FS11Metro
202404082 Condo: Ilikai Apt Bldg   Ocean View, Marina,Ocean,Waterfront$1,988,000 FS22Metro
202404420 Condo: Honolulu Tower   $399,888 FS11Metro
202404493 Condo: 1011 Prospect   $440,000 FS11Metro
202401191 Condo: Ilikai Apt Bldg   Ocean View, Ocean$820,000 FS11Metro
202403851 Condo: Symphony Honolulu   Ocean View$1,388,000 FS22Metro
202404327 Condo: Puuhale Gardens   $389,000 FS21Metro
202404560 Condo: Waikiki Landmark   $750,000 FS22Metro
202404285 Condo: Century Park Plaza   Ocean View, Conservation$350,000 FS11Pearl City
202403784 Condo: Trump Tower Waikiki   Ocean View$1,450,000 FS12Metro
202403785 Condo: Trump Tower Waikiki   $470,000 FS01Metro
202404399 Condo: Ilikai Apt Bldg   Ocean View$800,000 FS11Metro
202404512 Condo: Makaua Village   Ocean View$570,000 FS22Kaneohe
202404526 Condo: Ilikai Apt Bldg   Ocean View$1,890,000 FS22Metro
202404548 Condo: Royal Aloha   Ocean$240,000 LH11Metro
202404371 Condo: Terrazza   $378,200 FS11Metro
202403872 Condo: Imperial Plaza   Ocean View$955,000 FS22.5Metro
202404528 Condo: Waikiki Park Hgts   Ocean View$425,000 FS11Metro
202404440 Residential: Multi-Family: Waipahu-lower   $4,900,000 FS00Waipahu
202404417 Residential: Multi-Family: Halawa   Ocean View$1,675,000 FS00Pearl City
202404368 Residential: Halawa   Ocean View$1,675,000 FS63.5Pearl City
202404331 Residential: Kapolei Knolls   $1,480,000 FS42.5Ewa Plain
202404046 Residential: Diamond Head   Ocean ViewPool: In Ground,Pool on Property$4,798,000 FS43Diamond Head
202403969 Residential: Kaneohe Town   Stream/Canal$1,135,000 FS42Kaneohe
202403048 Residential: Maili   $499,000 FS21Leeward
202403353 Residential: Makaha   $1,250,000 FS33Leeward
202401267 Residential: Wailuna   $1,050,000 FS33Pearl City
202404202 Residential: Kam Hwy Makai   Ocean View$1,274,999 FS32Kaneohe
202404313 Residential: Kaimuki   $998,000 FS31Diamond Head
202404282 Residential: Hoopili-iliahi   Pool: Community Association Pool$1,175,000 FS32.5Ewa Plain
202404123 Residential: Hahaione-lower   $1,499,000 FS42Hawaii Kai
202404384 Residential: Maili   $599,995 FS31.5Leeward
New Oahu Listings for 02/29/2024
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
202404148 Condo: Pacific Gardens 1   $395,000 FS21Metro
202404443 Condo: 215 North King St   $680,000 FS22Metro
202404309 Condo: Sunset Towers   $479,000 FS21.5Metro
202404389 Condo: Valleyview Melemanu   $450,000 FS21Central
202404411 Condo: Trump Tower Waikiki   Ocean View$490,000 FS01Metro
202404464 Condo: Symphony Honolulu   Ocean View$1,200,000 FS22Metro
202404362 Condo: Waikiki Banyan   Ocean View$858,000 FS11Metro
202404447 Condo: Fairway Villa   Golf Course,Stream/Canal$445,000 FS11Metro
202404500 Condo: La Casa   $385,000 FS11Metro
202404474 Condo: Lakeview Royal   $450,000 FS32Metro
202404514 Condo: Kohina At Hoopili   $999,000 FS44Ewa Plain
202404471 Condo: Island Colony   $299,000 LH01Metro
202404354 Condo: Kaimana Lanais   Ocean View$525,000 FS11Metro
202404458 Condo: Ala Moana Hotel Condo   Ocean View, Ocean$230,000 FS01Metro
202403823 Condo: Waikiki Sunset   Ocean View$640,000 FS11Metro
202404489 Condo: Ilikai Apt Bldg   Ocean View$850,000 FS11Metro
202404498 Land: Diamond Head   $1,950,000 FS00Diamond Head
202404488 Residential: Lualualei   $795,000 FS32.5Leeward
202404355 Residential: Waimalu   $900,000 FS31.5Pearl City
202404404 Residential: Pearl City-upper   $899,000 FS42Pearl City
202404506 Residential: Lualualei   $950,000 FS42Leeward
202404385 Residential: Manoa Areawith Ohana$2,850,000 FS134Metro
202404277 Residential: Makakilo-palehua Hgts   Ocean View$1,360,000 FS53.5Makakilo
202404407 Residential: Mokuleia   $3,349,000 FS45North Shore
202401114 Residential: Palolo   $1,199,000 FS42Diamond Head
202404418 Residential: Manoa Area   $1,800,000 FS41.5Metro
202404490 Residential: Makaha   $820,000 FS32Leeward
New Oahu Listings for 02/28/2024
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
202404009 Condo: Makiki Park Pl   $650,000 FS22Metro
202404425 Condo: Kahe Kai   $190,000 FS21Leeward
202404141 Condo: Yacht Club Knolls   $850,000 FS32Kaneohe
202404044 Condo: Windsor The   $499,000 FS11Metro
202404441 Condo: Hawaiian Monarch   Stream/Canal$655,000 FS12Metro
202403189 Condo: Camelot   $275,000 LH11Metro
202404280 Condo: Kaikea At Hoopili   $995,000 FS43Ewa Plain
202404318 Condo: The Ritz-carlton Residences Twr   Ocean View$1,250,000 FS11Metro
202404380 Condo: Mott-smith Laniloa   Ocean View$520,000 FS22Metro
202404426 Condo: Ewa Apts   $450,000 FS31Ewa Plain
202404449 Condo: 1448 Young St   $438,000 LH21Metro
202404151 Condo: Sky Ala Moana East   Ocean View$795,000 FS01Metro
202404377 Condo: Marco Polo Apts   Ocean View$395,000 FS01Metro
202404383 Condo: Marco Polo Apts   $310,000 LH22Metro
202404414 Condo: Pearl 1   Ocean View$525,000 FS21Pearl City
202403254 Condo: Kemoo By Lake   Lake/Pond$399,000 FS21Central
202400900 Condo: Ridge At Launani Valley   $459,000 FS21Central
202404352 Condo: Century Park Plaza   $318,000 FS11Pearl City
202404152 Condo: Sixty Parkside   $635,000 FS32Central
202404160 Condo: Nanala At Mehana   $700,000 FS22Ewa Plain
202404251 Condo: Kauhale - Rainbow Series   $515,000 FS21Waipahu
202401148 Condo: Iolani Court Plaza   $299,000 FS01Metro
202404379 Condo: Olaloa 1   $480,000 FS21Central
202403308 Condo: Symphony Honolulu   $2,199,000 FS33Metro
202404052 Condo: Windward Estate   $800,000 FS32.5Kaneohe
202404370 Commercial   $3,500,000 FS00Metro
202404398 Residential: Makaha   $598,880 FS31Leeward
202404444 Residential: Village Park   $925,000 FS32Waipahu
202403557 Residential: Waipio Gentry   $950,000 FS32Waipahu
202403842 Residential: Ewa Beach   Ocean View, Ocean,Sandy Beach,Waterfront$1,825,000 FS32Ewa Plain
202328110 Residential: Waiau   $1,195,000 FS43Pearl City
202404396 Residential: Wilhelmina   Ocean View$888,000 FS32Diamond Head
202404364 Residential: Kalihi Valley   $695,000 FS31.5Metro
202404438 Residential: Ewa Beach   $1,010,888 FS43.5Ewa Plain
202404382 Residential: Mililani Area   Pool: Community Association Pool$1,100,000 FS32Central
202404360 Residential: Pacific Palisades   $820,999 FS31.5Pearl City
202404386 Residential: Wilhelmina   Ocean View$988,000 FS32Diamond Head
202404415 Residential: Lualualei   Ocean View$698,000 FS32Leeward
202404381 Residential: Makaha   $650,000 FS42Leeward
202404374 Residential: Ewa Gen Alii Cove   Pool: Community Association Pool$750,000 FS32Ewa Plain
202403940 Residential: Maili   $669,000 FS32Leeward
202404326 Residential: Enchanted Lake   $1,600,000 FS43Kailua
202404435 Residential: Ewa Beach   $1,010,888 FS43.5Ewa Plain
202404332 Residential: Ocean Pointe   $1,180,000 FS33Ewa Plain
New Oahu Listings for 02/27/2024
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
202404299 Condo: Makaha Surfside   $167,000 FS01Leeward
202404294 Condo: Royal Palm At Waipio 3   $430,000 FS11Waipahu
202404307 Condo: Pavilion At Waikiki   Ocean View$610,000 FS11Metro
202404304 Condo: One Kalakaua Senior Living   $294,000 FS11Metro
202401679 Condo: Sun Rise   $345,000 FS11Ewa Plain
202403965 Condo: 3019 Kalakaua Ave Apt   Ocean View, Ocean$4,300,000 FS22Diamond Head
202404013 Condo: Trump Tower Waikiki   Ocean View$1,680,000 FS12Metro
202404319 Condo: N/a   $610,000 FS22Ewa Plain
202404286 Condo: Kalia   $113,000 LH11Metro
202404283 Condo: The Ritz-carlton Residences - 38   Ocean View$3,450,000 FS23Metro
202404337 Condo: Trump Tower Waikiki   Ocean View$468,000 FS01Metro
202404308 Condo: Villa On Eaton Square   $275,000 FS01Metro
202404263 Condo: The Ritz-carlton Residences Twr   Ocean View$789,000 FS01Metro
202403968 Condo: Mauna Luan   Ocean View$740,000 FS22Hawaii Kai
202403135 Condo: Queen Emma Gardens   $385,000 FS21Metro
202404358 Condo: Century Center   Ocean View$330,000 LH22Metro
202404311 Land: Manoa-lower   Ocean$1,050,000 FS00Metro
202404100 Land: Kawailoa-north Shore   Ocean View, Ocean,Sandy Beach$6,995,000 FS00North Shore
202403188 Residential: Ewa Gen-seabridge   Pool: Community Association Pool$875,000 FS42.5Ewa Plain
202404027 Residential: Kawailoa-north Shore   Ocean View, Ocean,Sandy Beach$6,995,000 FS21North Shore
202403038 Residential: Kapolei-mehana-kukuna   $879,000 FS32Ewa Plain
202403347 Residential: St. Louis   Ocean View$1,455,000 FS42Diamond Head
202404335 Residential: Hoopili-kanalani   Pool: Community Association Pool$922,655 FS32Ewa Plain
202404317 Residential: Hoopili-kanalani   Pool: Community Association Pool$922,210 FS32Ewa Plain
202404320 Residential: Hoopili-kanalani   Pool: Community Association Pool$922,655 FS32Ewa Plain
202404342 Residential: Hoopili-kanalani   Pool: Community Association Pool$1,010,640 FS42.5Ewa Plain
202404316 Residential: Kalihi-lower   $1,688,000 FS105.5Metro
202404345 Residential: Wahiawa Area   $825,000 FS33Central