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Oahu real estate lives here. You can search for Oahu Homes for sale using the simple search widget to the left or use our detailed Oahu MLS search. Here you can find Oahu properties for sale in any city, including Honolulu Homes and Honolulu Condos a well as Mililani Homes and Condos and Kapolei Homes and Condos too. Waikiki and Diamond Head are also popular areas. We can also help you find a Oahu real estate on the North shore in Kailua, Enchanted Lake, and Beachside. Homes for sale on Oahu in Lanikai and Coconut Grove are also available. Residential homes for sale in Oahu, as well as condos, land, and commercial properties can all be accessed here. You can also find Oahu Vacation Rentals.

New Oahu Listings for 10/22/2017
New listings may not yet have pictures.
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
201722281 Condo: Royal Iolani   Ocean View, Golf Course,Ocean$799,000 FS22Metro
201722280 Condo: Monte Vista   Golf Course,Stream/Canal$475,000 FS21Metro
201722271 Residential: Manoa-woodlawn   Ocean View$1,300,000 FS21.5Metro
New Oahu Listings for 10/21/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
201722169 Condo: One Ala Moana   Ocean View$3,490,000 FS33Metro
201722277 Condo: Waikiki Marina Condominium   Ocean View$215,000 FS01Metro
201722255 Condo: Parkglen At Waikele   $424,000 FS22Waipahu
201722110 Condo: Villages At Waipio The   $427,000 FS21.02Waipahu
201721742 Land: Portlock   $1,600,000 FS00Hawaii Kai
201722116 Residential: Palolo   $845,000 FS52.5Diamond Head
201722257 Residential: Waimanalo   $799,000 FS32Kailua
201720430 Residential: Mililani Area   $799,000 FS32Central
201722272 Residential: Hoakalei-ka Makana   $760,000 FS42.5Ewa Plain
201722061 Residential: Salt Lake   Golf CoursePool: In Ground$1,748,500 FS46.01Metro
201722279 Residential: Portlock   $1,600,000 FS00Hawaii Kai
201722275 Residential: Maili   $470,000 FS42Leeward
201722165 Residential: Manoa-woodlawn   Ocean View$1,040,000 FS62Metro
New Oahu Listings for 10/20/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
201722105 Condo: Anaha - 1108 Auahi   Ocean View$1,349,000 FS22Metro
201722171 Condo: Gardenia Manor   $620,000 FS32.5Kailua
201722239 Condo: Colony At The Peninsula   $665,000 FS22.02Hawaii Kai
201722180 Condo: Piikoi Tower   $338,000 FS11Metro
201722226 Condo: Pearl 1   $340,000 FS11Pearl City
201722045 Condo: Windward Passage   Ocean View$880,000 FS22Kailua
201722068 Condo: Spinnaker Place Townhome 2   $545,000 FS32.5Ewa Plain
201722193 Condo: Ala Wai Plaza Skyrise   $478,000 FS11Metro
201722163 Condo: Ko Olina Kai Golf Estates   $650,000 FS32Ewa Plain
201722138 Condo: Mahi Ko At Waikele   $399,000 FS21Waipahu
201722238 Condo: Malanai Iki   $369,000 FS21Ewa Plain
201722235 Condo: Holiday Manor   Ocean View$699,000 FS32Metro
201722113 Condo: Kahala Towers   Ocean View$660,000 FS32Diamond Head
201722233 Condo: Town House   $375,000 FS11Metro
201721957 Condo: Royal Kuhio   $375,000 FS11Metro
201722209 Condo: Waikiki Landmark   Ocean View$800,000 FS22Metro
201722221 Condo: Hawaiki Tower   Ocean View$1,398,000 FS22Metro
201722173 Condo: Kemoo By Lake   $212,000 FS11Central
201722176 Condo: Palm Court 3d   $349,000 FS22Ewa Plain
201722216 Condo: Plumeria Hale   Ocean View$699,000 FS32Metro
201722245 Condo: Northbrook-melemanu   $285,000 FS21Central
201722010 Condo: Nauru Tower   Ocean View$1,125,000 FS22Metro
201722145 Condo: Makiki Towers   $480,000 FS21.5Metro
201722179 Land: Laie   Ocean View, Ocean,Sandy Beach,Waterfront$3,500,000 FS00North Shore
201722197 Land: Makaha   Ocean View$399,500 FS00Leeward
201722207 Residential: Multi-Family: Waimanalo   Ocean View, Ocean$1,900,000 FS00Kailua
201722236 Residential: Maili   $407,000 FS32Leeward
201722215 Residential: Lilipuna   Ocean View$1,986,000 FS42.5Kaneohe
201722206 Residential: Wailuna   Ocean View$769,000 FS43Pearl City
201721785 Residential: Mililani Mauka   $1,100,000 FS43Central
201722162 Residential: Puualii   $850,000 FS33Kaneohe
201722143 Residential: Manoa Area   $1,250,000 FS33Metro
201721511 Residential: Maili   $310,000 FS62Leeward
201722160 Residential: Ewa Gen Tiburon   $590,000 FS32.5Ewa Plain
201722183 Residential: Mikiola   Ocean View$865,000 FS21.5Kaneohe
201722194 Residential: Kapuna Hala   $838,000 FS32Kaneohe
201721990 Residential: Ewa Beach   $450,000 FS31.5Ewa Plain
201722031 Residential: Kaimuki   $810,000 FS31.5Diamond Head
201722157 Residential: Palolo   Ocean View$849,000 FS32Diamond Head
201722242 Residential: Mililani Area   $929,000 FS42Central
201721641 Residential: Maili   $399,000 LH32.5Leeward
201722190 Residential: Enchanted Lake   Pool: In Ground$1,250,000 FS42Kailua
201722192 Residential: Punchbowl Area   $495,000 FS41.5Metro
201722231 Residential: Ewa Gen Lombard Way   $495,000 FS32.5Ewa Plain
201722217 Residential: Lualualei   $449,999 FS31.5Leeward
201722230 Residential: Beachsidewith Ohana Ocean View, OceanPool: In Ground,Spa/HotTub$23,900,000 FS88.03Kailua
201722219 Residential: Hoakalei-ka Makana   $790,000 FS43Ewa Plain
201721675 Residential: Kalani Iki   Ocean ViewPool: In Ground$1,100,000 FS53Diamond Head
201722208 Residential: Waimanalowith Ohana Ocean View, Ocean$1,900,000 FS33Kailua
201722175 Residential: Laie   Ocean View, Ocean,Sandy Beach,Waterfront$3,500,000 FS31.5North Shore
201722142 Residential: Olomana   $899,000 FS42Kailua
New Oahu Listings for 10/19/2017
MLS Description Features Price Beds Baths District
201722100 Condo: Alika   $375,000 FS11Metro
201722107 Condo: Club View Gardens 2   $590,000 FS32Kaneohe
201722058 Condo: Piikoi Plaza   $315,000 FS11Metro
201722062 Condo: Pae Ko Gardens   $364,000 FS21Ewa Plain
201722080 Condo: Palms Inc   $529,000 FS22Metro
201722196 Condo: Havens Of Ii Vistas   Preservation$458,000 FS22Central
201722063 Condo: Ko Olina Hillside Villas   $545,000 FS22.5Ewa Plain
201720995 Condo: Punahou Gardens Apts   $212,000 FS01Metro
201722091 Condo: Waihonua   Ocean View$2,200,000 FS32Metro
201722156 Condo: Century Park Plaza   Ocean View$219,000 FS01Pearl City
201722130 Condo: Beachvillas@ko Olina   Ocean View, Ocean$1,140,000 FS32.5Ewa Plain
201722158 Condo: Mt Terrace   Ocean View$685,000 FS22Hawaii Kai
201722066 Condo: Queen Emma Gardens   $338,000 FS11Metro
201722072 Condo: Hale O Pumehana   Ocean View$429,000 FS22Metro
201722087 Condo: Ala Moana Hotel Condo   Ocean View$235,000 FS01Metro
201722073 Condo: Highlander   $270,000 FS11Pearl City
201722137 Condo: Clairmont   $270,000 FS11Metro
201721972 Commercial   Main $3,995,000 FS00North Shore
201722161 Residential: Waianae   $137,900 LH42Leeward
201722046 Residential: Hoakalei-ka Makana   $815,000 FS42.5Ewa Plain
201717684 Residential: Waialae Iki   Ocean ViewPool: Spa/HotTub$2,275,000 FS43.5Diamond Head
201721391 Residential: Lualualei   $475,000 FS32Leeward
201722128 Residential: Village Park   $619,000 FS32Waipahu
201722034 Residential: Wahiawa Heights   $780,000 FS65Central
201722170 Residential: Waimaluwith Ohana$850,000 FS83.5Pearl City
201722071 Residential: Kamehameha Heights   $749,000 FS21Metro
201722125 Residential: Leeward Estates   $610,000 FS32.5Ewa Plain
201721909 Residential: Lanikai   Ocean View, Ocean,Sandy Beach$7,095,000 FS54Kailua
201722123 Residential: Hoakalei-ka Makana   $720,000 FS43Ewa Plain
201722134 Residential: Ewa Gen Las Brisas   $499,950 FS32Ewa Plain
201721805 Residential: Wilhelmina   Ocean View$1,275,000 FS32Diamond Head
201722078 Residential: Palolo   $749,000 FS31Diamond Head
201722109 Residential: Ko Olina   Golf Course$1,155,000 FS32.5Ewa Plain